2013: A New Beginning

And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been
 Rainer Maria Rilke batang sibol

Yeah! The 2013 just got started. It’s time to stretch out some muscles. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Need to juggle up things such as work, studies, Sunday school. As of last year, these are the things that fill up my busy days. These are the things that I have learned to love doing. And for this new year, I’d like to add to that list a sort of a community service, a class requirement. This time, I am going to do it out of town. The Christmas party with the Sibol kids of Gawad Kalinga in Los Baños last December has moved something in me. I guess it’s really the right time to reach out to others and see things differently. This time, on a child’s perspective.

January 12, Saturday. Just got out of work at 3 o’clock in the morning, should be home by 4 o’clock, prepare a bit for a busy day ahead and by 6 o’clock, I should be at the UPOU Learning Center grounds in UP Diliman, our meeting place and where the van that will carry us to Los Baños waits. I’ll just try to get a sleep along the way. I don’t know, but going out of town, in a place I’m not that familiar, gets me excited. The thinking that I’ll be spending time with those kids gives me ease. Not to mention the opportunity to get to know my classmates and try to work with them. A sweet escape indeed from all the city battles that I try winning on a daily basis.

We arrived at the town of Los Baños at 9 o’clock. Had breakfast in a fast-food chain and look for some ingredients for the feeding program. Walking became our way of life every time our class goes to that part of Laguna. Time seems so slow there and not in a hurry, a typical provincial atmosphere which is I truly appreciate. We started our program at 10 o’clock. A short prayer and everything follows. Indoor games, storytelling, and our most favorite, feeding time.

Batang Sibol 2


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