Something to do with my hands

“Somebody has to train these kids. Somebody has to teach them, and if not me, who? If not now, when? We must do it. It’s got to be done.” Oral Lee Brown – founder of the Oral Lee Brown Foundation, a nonprofit committed to education

It seems like it was just an ordinary Saturday morning, just got out from my work (BPO) and looking forward to an awesome weekend. I’ll be attending a class F2F session for my CWTS 1 class in Diliman and see what’s in store for me from the Gawad Kalinga, the education track that I chose for that course. As we wait for our class session to start, I realized I haven’t really done something significant for my community recently. I know I’ve been too busy. The main reason why I choose Gawad Kalinga track which is located at the Los Banos, Laguna is because I need to do something out of town, out of the city. It will be such a relief from daily city battles, a sweet escape.

As I go on listening to our track presenters, I know something in me is changing. I am being reminded. Yes, I still have in me that trait of voluntarism, helping, of reaching out to others, and I still do have that obligation to my neighbors, to my community. These hands of mine need to get back to work.


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