On Good Citizenship

I wanted to be a citizen of the world but not in a superficial way. – Robert Fulghum 

It really feels good whenever I look back and reminisce on my elementary school days back in my coastal town of Libagon in Southern Leyte. It is there where I started to somehow contribute to the welfare of our sleepy barrio. We were given vegetable seedlings by our municipality officials and planted and took care of it until the harvest time comes. We sell our harvest to our neighbors, teachers, and to our parents. It’s such an opportunity for us, as young students then to be given that responsibility to grow the money that was entrusted in our hands. At the end of the school year, we were able to raise the amount that we need to buy a wall fan for our classroom and for our year-end celebration.

Another experience that I had is when I was asked by my teacher to teach my classmates who cannot catch up with our lessons because of absences due to economic reasons. Yes, most kids during our time help their families in mostly farm-related works. Attending school on a daily basis becomes secondary priority to them when their family’s welfare is at stake. I was somehow reminded that I am blessed to have parents who earn enough and able to send all their children to school.

It was then when I first learned the value of teamwork and the importance of volunteerism. Caring for others became part of me when I realized things aren’t always fair. Indeed the best time to indulge yourself in community and group activities is when you are young for you will be able to adapt it as you grow older. Until now, I still carry that servanthood in me because of the experiences that has molded me over the years. I am now more than excited to complete my degree requirements and go back to my hometown and serve as an ALS (Alternative Learning System) teacher to the young people of the Eastern Visayas region.


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